Police officers fired for ignoring LA robbery in progress to play Pokemon Go

The advanced in-vehicle video framework (DICVS) recording “caught [them] wilfully surrendering their obligation to help a chief’s reaction to a theft in the works and playing a Pokemon cell phone game while on the job”.

Rather than reacting to the call Lozano and Mitchell – who a boss seen in a squad car “tucked back in a rear entryway just feet away” from the Macy’s – began “to uphold down the rear entryway” away from the burglary.

In an underlying examination the officials guaranteed they couldn’t hear the radio, however the boss then, at that point, inspected the DICVS to “discover how they treat their normal day”.

In exploring the recording it was found that they had heard the radio call and consented to disregard the official reacting to it as opposed to helping them.

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