Women’s figure skating – Olympics 2022: Kamila Valieva and the wild finish to the women’s figure skating final

Russia’s Anna Shcherbakova wins figure skating gold as Kamila Valieva wavers. … BEIJING – A Russian lady was remaining on the figure skating platform at the Beijing Games on Thursday night. It simply wasn’t the one anybody anticipated. Indeed, even the way that there was a platform was an amazement

Shcherbakova turned in a real execution in the ladies’ free skate at the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 on Thursday (17 February) inside the Capital Indoor Stadium, skating to an individual best score of 175.75 to add up to 255.95, jumping to initially put and catching the gold decoration.

For what reason did Valieva fall?
Kamila Valieva puts fourth subsequent to falling on different occasions during her free skate schedule. Russian professional skater Kamila Valieva fell various times during her free skate schedule, making her exit dispute for a spot in the main three.

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